Our grand daughter had her drink spiked.


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In Manchester celebrating with her mate who is starting Uni.
She is always worried about this happening.
Situation was they both ordered drinks and within minutes knew they had problems.
The managed to get to the toilets were my GD passed out but her mate managed to phone our grand son who dropped everything a drove 20 miles to get them.
Quick thinking seems to have saved them but they are very lucky girls.
For a number of reasons they didn't phone the police as I think they should have done.


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They both okay?
The bloke ('cos it is almost certainly a bloke) who did that is probably thinking "damn - nearly got one"
if it is reported - at the very least to the bat owner/manager - then he could change to "sheet - nearly got caught" - or better still - "wonder how long I will get"

Hope they are both OK - $deity knows what was in the drinks - but probably not as pure a it might be

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Advice is - drink from cans or bottles - much harder for someone to put something in them - not from glasses.


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I have actually been a victim of this. I was at a private party and I realised very quickly that I was not feeling right for the pint I had to drink. I walked a few doors away to where a friend lived. I managed to blurt out the problem and she put me to bed. I woke up late the following afternoon. It happened so fast and I was completely incapacitated.


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Norwich, Norfolk
Sorry to hear this.

As advised best to drink from bottles or cans if it is a busy bar and they can't be sure no one could tamper with it. Bottles are better as you can more easily keep your thumb on top of it if not at a table.
I was reading yesterday a post from someone who thinks a waitress saved her
She was on a first date and they were having dinner - she was drinking water
She went to the toilet and came back - to her surprise the waitress came over and replaced her glass even though it was only half drunk

Some time later the bloke went to the toilet and the waitress came over - she thought she had seen him 'fiddling' with her glass so she took it upon herself to replace it
The date ended soon after - apparently the bloke was really 'off' about it
The waitress took her phone number anrang her back the next day. SHe had got the manager to check the CCTV - not enough to be certain but the 'fiddling' with the glass was clear.

Scary that this sort of thing can happen

I read something about covers that can be put on glassesif you need to leave one unattended. Really just to guard from a walkby dropping of something rather than by someone who you are with - but better than nothing
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