P******* fairy taking the p***

Mr Celine

I've not been able to get out much recently what with short winter days and rubbish weather so thought I'd have a go on the turbo. I set up the laptop in the garage with a one hour turbo video playing, put the turbo wheel on the bike and off I went - apparently somewhere in the Pyrenees. After half an hour or so I noticed that the turbo was getting noisier and had started slipping a bit. Usually any excuse is enough to get me off the turbo before terminal boredom sets in but this time I was determined to keep going.
Eventually I stopped and discovered the cause of the slipping, the back tyre was flat. No sign of anything stuck in the tyre, or any other obvious cause, but there was a nice hole in the tube.

I suppose a p******* in the comfort of your own garage is preferable to one on a wet night in the middle of nowhere, but it's still taking the piss.

young Ed

worn through the tyre?
Cheers Ed


Bad luck re' the puncture.

What video were you watching? I'm building a library of videos to use on the turbo trainer, and haven't been able to find any lasting an hour yet where the footage is outdoors.


Kilometre nibbler
Out riding today, I was looking for a place to pull over and have a snack and make some phone calls. Eventually I found a lay-by sort of place and pulled up and immediately heard a very LOUD hissing. What amused me was the volume of it. It was still hissing away when I had the wheel out, so no problem in locating the puncture either.

Big lump of glass in my back tyre. Watch those lay-bys.


This one. It's mostly downhill so you don't have to pedal too hard. :o)
Thanks :okay:
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