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I always wanted UPU2 :?:


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Clarkson calls anybody with a shaved head driving a BMW M3 "a cock". I would add personalised numberplates to the selection criteria.


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Noodley][quote=Bigtallfatbloke said:
I always wanted UPU2 :?:

therein lies the "problem" of "personalised" plates - they are shoot! :?: :sad:[/quote]

I say! spot on
I commend this comment to the house!


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I think that personalised numberplates are a godsend.

The one time I've been knocked of my bike (on the way home from the bike shop with my brand new Airnimal) the driver left the scene of the accident before the ambulance or police arrived.

That he was driving a convertible Aston Martin with a personalised numberplate made it easy for me to remember and even easier for the police to find him.


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Does anyone know what the plate CEO 1 went for on Ebay?? I saw it mentioned on News24 when it was at £30k and by the next morning it was up to £120k with over a week to go!!! The same guy was selling CEO 2 and funnily enough had had no bids - who'd want to be second eh?

BTW by everyone's definition on here I'm a w*nker! :?: :?: My dad bought me a plate for my 21st all those years ago - but when he told me I said I didn't want it and he got me a synth instead!!! Needless to say I now have it on my car and was recently offered 5k for it by a West Ham fan!!!


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Rhythm Thief said:
In the last few weeks, I've seen a Bentley with the numberplate 5 PEN and a Jaguar with 4 RCH. Might it be that Spen and Arch have a larger carbon footprint than they've let on? And now Arch has a Jag, can the baby elephant be far behind? :?:


Not me...

Anyone remember the thing about how to get a personalised number plate cheaply?

Just change your name by deed poll to WJY 678 X

Saw a chap on the phone, driving, just after the new penalty came in, in a Bentley with a plate that basically said (or suggested) EXOTIC (Can't remember the exact way it was done, now). Remember thinking it was a daft car/plate to have if you were going to flout he law...


Personalised plates are one of the only things that would tempt me in to joining the police.

Making someone put an obscured plateback to how it should be, and watching their face as they realise that something that they've just spent hundreds of pounds on to massage their ego is now just a random, meaningless string of numbers and letters, would be great.

on a motoring forum I used to frequent there was a guy who kept about 5 different plates of varying levels of legality so he could just swap them about depending on how arsey the local bill were being at the time.


I once went to see a car whose reg ended in ...5 UFC and I was somewhat turning my nose up at the scratches on the bodywork, the guy selling it came up with the excuse that 'well, oh you will get that - it's wednesday fans that do it.'
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