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Rohan Man
Bugbrooke UK
We have LOV21 on our car. Been in the wife's family since 1951 when it was on a motorbike given to her mother as a 21st birthday present. Transferred to us after MiL had to give up driving - Alzheimers. Will eventually go to one of our offspring.

The recipient's father was in the motor trade in Birmingham and was tipped off by the licensing department when LOV reggies were issued - he had at least one other. I assume some favour was reciprocated - either Masonic back scratching or a gift of grain given in good spirit!!


Corn Fed Hick...
...on the slake
Ah. You don't pay that in Scotland either then? Wow - in that Country, they seem to be exempt from a lot of things, lucky people. More power to Alex Salmon's elbow, I say.

If it's Scotchland it's probably called High Road Tax, you know, as in 'ye tack tha Hee reed an a'll tack tha Lee reed', de ya ken tha noo?
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