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...does anybody know where I could get a cycle shirt/jersey printed up with my own unique logo/message on it? I am thinking of having some carefully chosen words added to the back of my shirt for the attention of lunatic motorists!...Hey I could even get one with my Board name on it..."Bigtallfatbloke on tour..honk if you like my arse in this!":biggrin:

...oops I think I should have posted this under clothing...sorry.


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You could try


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I can get a normal T shirt easy enough...and I am not bothered about art work etc. I just thought a simple breathable cycle shirt with a typed 'message, might be fun.

I occasionally do something similar with Tshirts....

Any photo or editing package that allows a "mirror image" will work.

Design logo or wording, and print one cost is about a fiver for shirt and printing!


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If the word you have in mind is POLITE (to look like our boyzinbloo) you could get one via 'give cyclists room' campaign website.
I've got one...believe me, it works wonders.
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