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Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
We've had threads about the best and worst looking bikes etc. so what about one regarding the 'pet hates' we have in the cycling world. For me I hate the way that aero wheels have the manufactures name in big white letters on them, ZIP and HED come to mind. I also don't like the huge letter on the down tube such as CERVELO. Any one else like to add there non favorites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I like ZIPP and Cervelo, so they don't bother me one iota :biggrin:


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Big globby welds on the junction of frame tubes, particularly aluminium bikes. Whatever happened to internal joining of tubes as produced by Peugeot some years ago?
I realise that lugs make a frame heavier and cost more to produce, but at least they look nice!

John the Monkey

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Rhythm Thief said:
I hate those flashing LED lights that have peculiar patterns on the flash setting, rather than just all the LEDs flashing all at once. They're much less visible than steady or regularly flashing LED lamps.

I do like the "chaser" pattern ones - if you're not running a steady/flashing combo of lights, I think these make it slightly easier to judge distance than an all on/all off flashing pattern.


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