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Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by dellzeqq, 21 Aug 2012.

  1. dellzeqq

    dellzeqq pre-talced and mighty

    out of Test cricket, out of the 20/20. I think that's a shame. He may be an ignorant self-regarding lump, but he's a player capable of grabbing a match and changing it - and with Cook and Anderson below par, we don't have a surfeit of those.

    Surely you don't have to like him to play with him?
  2. 2PedalsTez

    2PedalsTez Über Member

    One of my colleagues went to the match at the rose bowl this week. Apparently fans from both sides were relieved to see him go quickly.
    Seems he wasn't that popular during his time at Hampshire either.
    I don't understand cricket politics so can't comment in detail, but he can whack a ball pretty well.
  3. rich p

    rich p ridiculous old lush

    I think texting the opposition during a test match as to how to best dismiss your own captain is pretty close to unforgiveable. Hard to spin it as banter either.
    He could be an asset to a team but my best guess is that it would have been the country of his birth. I, personally, have never celebrated his successes in an English team any more than I have those of Trott.
    I read a laughable article prior to the Olympics in which Yamile Aldama (whom I admire), argued against the hostility she was suffering at the hands of some of the press about being a 'plastic Brit', by saying that we all accepted and loved KP. No-one I know who is interested in cricket does.
  4. yello

    yello Legendary Member

    A French desert
    That's close to my take on it too. At least, I seem to recall his failures when he's been needed to perform as much as I do the brilliant knocks of flair and daring-do.

    But I think there is still a bit of 'old boys network' in cricket and KP didn't really fit. Too 'uncouth' or something, dunno. It's a shame but England move on. No player is bigger than the team.
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  5. OP

    dellzeqq pre-talced and mighty

    I'm not disagreeing (although, to be fair, the South Africans hardly look in need of help on that score). He's a schmuck - no question. But do sportsmen have to be nice people?

    I could understand a team not wanting Boycott, because he refused to play his part on the pitch unless it suited him. Pietersen bears some resemblance to Boycott in that he doesn't know the meaning of caution - but that's always been the case.

    I'm struggling to recall which two Manchester United players disliked each other so much that they didn't exchange a single word for years. The point being you don't always have to get on with your teammates.

    (edit) Cole and Sheringham. A remarkable tale
  6. User482

    User482 Guest

    He doesn't have to be likeable, but slagging off your captain to the opposition (using the Afrikaans for c***, I believe) crosses the line.
  7. Cletus Van Damme

    Cletus Van Damme Previously known as Cheesney Hawks

    I agree totally with Adrian.

    I watch cricket but just on council telly so I am probably not as clued up as many others. I was talking to my Dad whom is more into it before all this texting crap, and he said that Pietersen had been causing bother by stating that he just wanted to pick and choose which test matches he played in as he would rather concentrate on 20/20 for the cash. To me if that is true it is enough to drop him, if he thinks he is bigger than the national team and can just pick and choose when to represent England they should drop him. The texting is the final nail in the coffin.

    At least they maybe have a good find in Bairstow if they can develop him. Maybe he does not have the charisma of Pietersen (I personally think KP's a total knob) for the fans, but he seems to have a much better mind for the game, instead of playing all for himself.
  8. Durian

    Durian Über Member

    Never liked him, he's too 'flash' and gives his wicket away too easily playing ridiculous shots. Hope he's never seen in an England shirt again.
  9. 02GF74

    02GF74 Über Member

    except in sumo wrestling.:o)
  10. accountantpete

    accountantpete Legendary Member

    It's the "Gentlemen" v "Players" backdrop which continue to pervade cricket.

    Get rid of Strauss.
  11. 02GF74

    02GF74 Über Member

    ^^^^, yeah, Bethoven is much better!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Beebo

    Beebo Firm and Fruity

    Pieterson is a cricketing mercenary. He has a history if playing for who ever suits his needs and pays him the most. He's been disliked at every club he has ever played for. Let him go and earn $2million in the IPL, it will be a lonely way to make a living in a team sport.

    Spitting Image summed it up very nicely back in the 1980's -
    I've never met a nice South African
    And that's not bloody surprising man
    'Cause we're a bunch of ignorant loudmouths
    With no sense of humour
  13. OP

    dellzeqq pre-talced and mighty

    well, I've met lots of nice South Africans..........

    I don't know that the players v. gentlemen thing is quite fair. Strauss is clearly a cultivated man, but he's not a snob, and the England team are a pretty mixed bunch.
  14. swee'pea99

    swee'pea99 Legendary Member

    Never could stand the feller meself - always struck me as a typical big headed chippy colonialist, all look at me and no thought for the team - but so what? Being likeable is not the point. The point is, is he/was he an asset to the side?

    Overall, I never thought he was, the occasional superb innings notwithstanding. Individual performances can change games, it's true, but ultimately series are won or lost by teams, and I always thought KP's limitless self-regard (along with his palpable disdain for some of his peers) had a fatal corrosive effect on team spirit. The South Africans didn't just out-bat and out-bowl us; when push came to shove, they out-teamed us every time. It's clear that every one of them would walk burning coals for any other - and that's the kind of spirit that makes world champions.

    KP should go back to doing what he does well: making money and admiring himself in the mirror.
  15. rich p

    rich p ridiculous old lush

    Like Ian Botham, I don't think he did nets:thumbsup:
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