Planet X Ultralight Carbon Pro

Discussion in 'Shopping, Services, Offers and Reviews' started by walker, 20 Mar 2008.

  1. walker

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    Bromley, Kent
    This bike comes equipt with Full Ultegra, but I changed the chainset to a lighter FSA Carbon Set, you will not need to do this, this is just personal Choice.

    The frame is built at a super light weight with a top sloping tube with matching fully carbon Aero Forks that are an astounding 390g, all the rest of the components are Planet X, although my wheels are Reynolds Alta race, but newer models come with planet X wheels.

    First ride on the bike and you can tell I could tell it apart from the Previous Aluminium Incarnations I have rode before. The frame handles extremely well and not much flex in the frame at all, although there is a slight flex in the wheels upon acceleration, but not enough to worry you about any form of collapse.

    Cornering on this machine is a dream, it clings to the road and the stiffness allows you to throw it into the corners at great speed.

    There isn't much to change on this bike as it is pretty much perfect out of the box. I would advise changing tyres and wheels if you get the need to take it racing Like I have. The price cannot be sniffed at either.
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