Polite LRT No.22 drivers


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For the last three weeks, I've noticed very safe and polite behaviour by the no.22 bus drivers along Balgreen Road; each time we encounter a slow cyclist ahead, the driver slows right down and keeps a safe distance behind - even though there's a long stretch of road ahead before the lights (whether they're green or red) where your average motorist would floor it and swerve around the cyclist to beat them to the lights.

Different drivers each time, but the same considerate behaviour.

I think I've also mentioned previously that the no.22 coming the other way will always wait when I'm on the roundabout outside work when he see me, even though he could probably pull out well before I get to him.

So - I think the ladies and gents of the LRT No.22 bus deserve a big hand for their exemplary behaviour towards cyclists. Perhaps they could advise some of the First drivers on their driving behaviour...


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I would like to extend this to all the Lothian Bus drivers I meet on my way in. I have yet to have any of the following manouvers carried out by one of their buses:
overtake and then immediately stop at a bus stop
pull out as I am halfway along them
follow closely on my tail
overtake without going fully into the overtaking lane (on the dual carrigeway parts)
Fail to be courteous and generally polite in dealing with me on the road.

All in all, I now feel quite comfortable when a see a dark red bus behind me which a bit different to the feeling I get when I see a Stagecoach bus catching.

Now have I just put a complete jinx on that?
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