Preferred footwear for non-roadies (Flat pedals)


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I have just bought my 3rd pair of Five Tens.
Excellent shoe with brilliant grip and they are ok enough looking to wear when not on the bike.

What are you preferred shoes/trainers for cycling with flat pedals?


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Thought the five tens were the business. I ride SPD and have Shimano shoes and winter shoes. For casual riding I have some Specialized cycling trainers with SPD compatibility. My missus has some Diadora cycling trainers for her flats.


My Dad's shoe of choice :laugh:
They once became the object of retro fashion but fortunately that passed.
Hi Tec keep messing with the design in complete ignorance of how they work. Once they made logo stripes out of a hard unyielding plastic and the pointy tip ripped the fabric. Other times they have removed reinforcement or just the quality slipped. It isn't much to ask of a good seller, self marketing legacy product to not screw it up and keep the quality passable. Unlike Nike they dont have to spend squillions on sponsorship and adverts. It is all profit.


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How about sandals, keep feet cool, waterproof with the right socks, and most importantly on trend.
You can even get Shimano sandals with cleats.


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I have ridden loads with High Tech Silver Shadow.
I hadn't worn those trainers in decades, possibly early 80's.
But i bought a pair a couple of years ago when i saw a cheap deal for them on HUKD's. I'd forgotten how comfortable and hardwearing they are. After 2 yrs wear of cycling & dog walking, they're still going strong.
They dont look as cool as Nike's, but i'm long past worrying about sheet like that. Also the last pair of Nike's i had, they made my feet sweat like a pig.
I wear Asics Sanoma, they are just a trainer with a more rigid
sole, not as weighty as a trekking shoe, but a good bit stronger
than a regular trainer.
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