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I have been doing some virtual window-shopping, looking in particular at ideas for my first road bike. The one I have in mind is a Specialized Dolce Sport 2010 women's bike, and everywhere the price is the same - £679.

Is price-fixing common on the current models, or do I just need to shop around a bit more?


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Yes, all bikes have a list price or SRP which is fixed.

However, it's usually quite easy on the web to find a seller offering 5% or 10% discount and then most larger retailers will match that price. This gives you some freedom to get a good price and choose who you want to buy the bike from.

Towards the end of the season prices drop to 30-50% off and sometimes a little more, but only on remaining stock which usually means limited sizes/colour options.


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It's fixed for advertising but negotiable thereafter. We just bought a Giant Avail 2 that was listed at £825 in every retailer for £717... just by asking


My LBS charges RRP, but if you offer to pay the whole amount in cash, they usually drop the price by 10-15%.

As the tundra said, buy in autumn and the previous year's model, and you can get a significant discount. I bought a 2007 model in December 09 and got it about 60% cheaper than the price of the 2010 model. They wanted to get rid before the 2010 stock arrived.

Other than vanity, there's little difference between one year's model and another's.
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