Putting the fear of god into you,regarding clogged arteries

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    That’s one thing about me, my belly may be soft, but my arteries are hard as rock...

    I used to lecture on high end cruise ships to Antarctica and such places, expensive cruises whose clientele very often included top cardiologists etc who could afford such things. Several times on board I got into discussions with these guys about just this sort of thing and for the most part they thought the whole cholesterol business was a bit alarmist. Overall lifestyle and genetics was what mattered most.
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    @User - I've told you time and time again. Please stop saying senbile stuff which has me nodding sagely in agreement. Its very unsettling. ;)
  3. Yeah, it's a bit subtle. Not surprised you missed it. I've circle the link. Can you see it now?

    (it's not a book it's a magazine )
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    Okay, 2 brothers born a year apart and brought up the same way until the teenage years when one gets right into fitness and body building and looking after his diet. Whilst one was wiring in to fish suppers, the other was getting his fish and veg steamed especially for him. The other one chose a very different path, involving the usual teenage rebel stuff like drink and a smoking habit that lasted 30 years. Absolutely zero exercise but did a physical job to such an extent that he was fairly successful as nobody could keep up with him and there were a number of businesses willing to pay a premium for his services.

    Which one do you reckon had to have 5 stents fitted aged 47, based on the 3 main criterion you mention?
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    Does the bodybuilder juice?
    Why can’t he steam his own food, lazy...?
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    Teenage boys and a great mum.

    No juice, clean as a clean thing, don't come cleaner.
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    There's a whole world out there that doesn't always fit into others ideas of what it should be. It's also true.
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    Having been there, the bodybuilding diet isn't great. The veggies etc are good, but the high protein element can cause kidney problems etc. If a body builder is competing they'll be messing about with starvation diets and dehydration in the lead up to a show, which is also not terribly good for you.

    Then there are the fools that mess about with growth hormones or insulin. Roids are a poor mans choice these days, but it still goes on and isn't exactly a breath of fresh air to the system. And don't get me started on synthol...

    Body building form prolonged periods at any kind of highish level is hardly the recipe for a long and healthy existence.
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    He was never competing, it was more about looking good for him. He did do the high protein for a year or two but he was never one looking for shortcuts and certainly never starved himself.
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    Then its a simple case of chance not favouring him. We all we the stories of centenarians who put their longevity down to a tot of scotch and 10 Malboro's a day, but they're not the majority.
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    That's what the heart surgeon reckoned as well. Didn't matter how he lived his life, he would still be in the same position.
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  12. I knew a young man who looked after himself, ate right, exercised.

    He was knocked down by a car, and died in hospital.

    Surgeon said that it didn't matter how he lived his life, he would still be in the same position.
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    Evidence-based research (EBR) is a concept defined as "the use of prior research in a systematic and transparent way to inform a new study so that it is answering questions that matter in a valid, efficient and accessible manner".

    Using prior results* to back yours.

    *Be they wrong or not.
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