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Boon 51

Boon 51

Deal. Kent.
Except the designs are different? You don’t buy a saddle purely on size otherwise why buy a Brooks and not just a cheapie from Halfords
Oh yes I know the designs all differ but you can see in a photo if it would suit or its your style. :smile:


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Isn't it the case that Brooks saddles only work for one person and that a second hand one, already "broken in" as it were, would be immensely uncomfortable for any posterior other than the one involved in the breaking in process?


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That was a porky I was in my garage by 9am tinkering with my bikes.. lol
That's ok i am just jealous now


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No offence like, but as rants go that’s a pretty poor attempt. Could do better.
Could do better ... I found some of my school reports from 50 years ago and "could do better" seemed to crop up in the comments section from the principal with monotonous regularity. As did "needs to pay greater attention". I like Boon's approach to developing a better rant as the day progresses/it all gets too much.
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