Recomend me pannier bag.

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Next year's timetable gives me the chance to commute to Uni twice a week (60mile round trip but I'm not in until 11 and finish at 1, so Ideal for winter :biggrin: ). I'll need something that's guaranteed waterprooof, big enough to take notes and a change of clothes. I'm not sure I'll need a 40 ltr Ortileb, and could certainly do with something a bit cheaper - or are they worth the price?



Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
Ortileb is good gear although as you say not the cheapest. Regardless of how waterproof any pannier is supposed to be I would put clothes and papers inside a plastic bag before putting into the pannier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I wouldn't worry about waterproof ones, as keith says put everything safely in a plastic bag. I quite like Halfords panniers, 25 quids for a pair. Probably the small ones would give you plenty of room.


Ortleib do a smaller front pannier
I've had mine for over two years now. They are totally waterproof and can be adapted to fit the rear rack very easily (Just a matter of loosing a couple of bolts and sliding the attachments so they fit in the right place).

I carry clean clothes to work on every commute day and have never had any water get in. One of the best buys I've ever made in cycling.

jay clock

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I have some Ortlieb copies from Lidl which are superb. When I cycle back from swimming the kit (goggles, paddles, fins etc) drips a lot and puddles up in the bottom, so very waterproof. The hooks are not superb quality but they are great for everyday commuting, shopping etc. Worth keeping an eye out for the Lidl cycle kit sale, but a rare occurence. Otherwise, I agree about a plastic bag (the "bag for life" ones are good as you can pack the stuff in the bag, then stick in the pannier).

Edinburgh cycles do own brand stuff which is Vaude, and therefore good quality


I have the Halfrauds ones, i think they are large and do me for laptop & notes in one clothes and lunch in the other, about £19.99 rack was about the same i think in the sale


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That looks great!!
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