RIP Sheldon Brown.


While looking at another forum, I have read that Sheldon Brown has passed away :smile:. Condolences to his family and many friends.


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Damn, damn, damn.

There's a guest book over at the Harris Cyclery web site where condolences can be left.
Yes sad but he lived a full life and is and will remain part of millions of cyclists lives. I think most of us would be content with that as a legacy.

Condolences to his family. RIP


What an absolute mine of info - I just hope that his experience and help lives on as there will be many who'll come across his mindset and find it very very helpful.

Respect !


Sheldon Brown probably forgot more things about cycling than the rest of us put together will ever absolute god of the cycling world and one who helped me to understand the metal mistress that is the bicycle.

From all I read about him and from him, he seemed like a really friendly, considerate and extremely gracious person.

Sadly missed.


What a terribly sad thing to hear. He was only 63.
You can just tell from his face that he was a thoroughly nice person.

A sad loss indeed.


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Sad indeed, I gleaned much info from his writings.

May his spirit be once again cycling freely along some shady road.
Very sad indeed. I gained a lot of insight into cycling from his web site, especially when I was starting out.

He had a great impact on the world of cycling and will be sorely missed.

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In many ways, he summed up what seemed best about cycling to me, embodying a sense of community and experience and knowledge generously shared.

RIP indeed.
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