Road tyres for mountain bike


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Has anyone got any good recommendations for road tyres, commuting on my mountain bike now and I think most of my energy goes into my tyres.


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Schwalbe City Jets, or Schwalbe Land Cruiser if you still want to have some "limited" off-road grip.


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Conti Ultra Gator Skins. Very fast and no punctures in over 800 miles.

Ought to say that the only downside to the tyres is that they're hard to get on/off the rims. Have broken a number of tyre levers trying to get them off.


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on the cheaper end of the scale, I fitted some Conti Cityride's which are pretty good so far. Only cost ~ £13 a tyre from wiggle
Chitty (in all her glory) sporting a neat red walled set of Armadillos (and a wonky set of lights:wacko:)

Really quick tyres, that make riding on road at least twice as easy (seriously!!!) partly due to the higher pressure and partly the slick surface.

great in the wet and not one visit form the"P" fairy (turns around three times and spits on the ground)...since fitting them over 1500 miles ago.

Chitty is a pure MTB and even retains the front shocks and old fashioned brakes (its ok, I dont stop much)


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