Roadbike tyre mileage?

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South Wales
How many miles do you expect to get from a road bike tyre used for leisure riding mostly?

My Hutchinson Equinox have been great tyres never given me any real scares ,Done about 1300 miles over 6 months and starting to show a bit of wear now on the back one.

Dont want to swap front to back as would rather the best one on the front.


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Depends on the tyre.

Mitchelin pro3's died within about 3000/4000miles
Ultra Gators seem to lasting quite well.

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Depends on the tyre, state of the road, pressure the tyre is riden on etc.

Anything from 1k upward would be expected.

Conti gatorskins lasting 2k+ for me at the moment


I get roughly 2500 miles from Michelin Pro Race 3 tyres. Back goes first obviously. I don't commute, this is just fairly fast/aggressive riding - club rider kind of speed.


Fuelled with Jelly Babies
South Wales
Considering the rough roads around South Wales the Hutchinsons have done well,I dont really know how much wear is acceptable, theres no obvious damage but the center of the back one is definitely thinner than it was . Will hopefully get a bit more out of them yet.

Tempted to replace with the same again as they are very easy to get on and off .(Only been off twice , once to see if my tyre levers were up to it and once to fit them onto new wheels.) Touch wood no visits from the fairy yet :-)fingers crossed and dont walk under ladders....


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It varies between tyre types, road surface/ quality and luck.

I've had between 1000 miles and 4000 miles in recent years, and the type of bike doesn't seem to make much difference.

The marathons I'm using at the moment have done 600 miles and I can't see any wear at all yet. The Kenda KWests on the round town bike have done about 800 and are just beginning to show a little bit.
It depends on the weight of the rider too; in fact there's too many variables.

I think I replaced my Conti Grand Prix's at 1500miles but my conti 4 seasons were 3500miles old and p'ture free when I was advised to change them.

Edit; Oh and dont swap them ! the last thing you want is a worn tyre on the front if it blows its hard to control.

A Sheldon Brown link on the subject.


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My Marathons (not the "plus" version) have done about 2,000 miles, mostly on country roads, and they're still fine. There is some slight wear on the rear tire, but nowhere near enough for me to consider swapping them over yet. I reckon I've got another 2,000 miles on them easily.
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