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Discussion in 'Lands End to John O'Groats (LEJOG)' started by kilcoutryman, 29 Dec 2017.

  1. kilcoutryman

    kilcoutryman New Member

    Anyone able to help with routes , timings etc for cycle from JOG to Gretna - hoping to do it August 2018 over four days.
    Many thanks
  2. flyingfifi

    flyingfifi Senior Member

    try sustrans Scotland try routes 1,7,74 :bicycle:
  3. jay clock

    jay clock Massive member

    Hampshire UK
  4. jay clock

    jay clock Massive member

    Hampshire UK
    on second thoughts this is likely to be much better

    It is the Deloitte Ride Across Britain route 2015 - three people I know have done it and it gets rave reviews. Only thing to watch out for is that will lead you to their camping locations.

    I don't have a single GPX for the 2017 but I do have all the individual ones here along with a pdf for each day. Days average 110miles so you may want to break down further. You will need to upload the GPX into RWGPS
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  5. flyingfifi

    flyingfifi Senior Member

    I would not cycle along the A82 in the busy times not fun at all :gun:
  6. Tigerbiten

    Tigerbiten Veteran

    It's a question of what type of roads you're happy cycling down.
    JoG to Gretna is roughly half the full distance.
    So in 4 days it's approx 100 miles per day.
    So JoG -> Inverness -> Fort Bill -> Glasgow -> Gretna all on main roads is simple but the roads get busy fast.
    Smaller roads are quieter but further and lumpier.
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  7. furball

    furball Veteran

    Google cycle end to end, also look at the Cyclink UK forum.
    Be aware that Sustrans routes aren't necessarily the most direct routes.
  8. bruce1530

    bruce1530 Über Member

    An alternative, a little further each day, but keeping away from the main roads in the central belt, would be

    day 1: JoG-Inverness
    day 2. Along the Great Glen to Fort William. Or Oban if you feel fit
    Day 3: Kintyre peninsula to Claonaig, Ferry to Lochranza. round Arran to Brodick. Ferry to Ardrossan. Use the ferry trip to recharge batteries and push on for another 20 flat miles to Ayr.
    Day 4: Through Galloway to Gretna.

    I’d guess about 100-120 per day.

    My mate did that route in reverse on his LeJog, although he did it over 7 days.
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  9. Geoff Crowther

    Geoff Crowther "... travel far, not fast", Ted Simon

    Ditto to all that. That was my LEJOG route in 2015
  10. Geoff Crowther

    Geoff Crowther "... travel far, not fast", Ted Simon

    Btw JOG to Inverness would be via Altnaharra.
  11. sultzer

    sultzer Active Member

    personally i would go down the east side as another poster put a map up .
    jog to tongue to tain to inverness to aviemore to dunkeld to edinbrugh then to grenta
    west coast to me was more steep hills very steep , traffic will be another problem as a lot of roads will be buiser , east coast has more cycle routes running along main route .
    a few years back i did jog to mull of galloway opted for east coast , last year did the jogle opted for west .
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