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So having decided to get on a bike for the 1st time in 15 years, i've bought a cheap reebok 'town and trail' bike. It's primarily for the commute along country roads on the 12 miles to work so should suffice for a beginner. My dilema is that i've got used in my spinning class to toeclips. After searching the internet I'm being bamboozled by shoes, cleats, tension and brand names. Does every shoe fit every pedal? Do the shoes come with their fasteners/cleats or do you buy them extra? Do they come in different 'grades' related to their ease of release?
As I say, i'm after the real beginner level, aiming to spend as little as possible for the next 6 months. If i take to it, more expensive stuff can go on my xmas list for Santa. Any reccomendations gratefully recieved. I'm a size 7.5 in normal shoe, but quite broad-footed.
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There are 2 main types of clipless pedals, those designed for off road and those designed for road / racing. The main difference being one having a "recessed" or hidden cleat (the bit on the bottom of the shoe) which makes walking when off a bike easy, and the other having an exposed cleat which makes walking hard (They also look different)

Shoes are generally not interchangeable between the two due to cleat size and the way they are bolted to the shoe (although there is some possibilities i wont go into it)

Pedals do include the cleats

There seem to be two main companies for making the lock system, Look and Shimano I would personally go for shimano on your budget

most pedals have the option to change the tension (which is how hard / easy they are to remove) with a small screw built in, obviously with two sided pedals, you need to change the tension both sides. If you arnt too sure about clipless, or like to just "jump" on your bike you may consider dual purpose pedals, with a normal pedal once side, and a clipless option the other such as

For your price range i would be looking at either second hand, or the off road type shoe. My first Clipless set up cost around £60-70, this is what i would recommend for you as going any lower and it will cause more problems then solutions. Either the pedals above or something like with as the shoes. a nice solid set up @ £70,

second hand is your other option, but be careful, the cleats may be worn or not come with the pedals and the pedals may not be 100% .

i think i have covered anything, i i missed anything let me know
Megsy, If you are used to toeclips, then why not convert your existing pedals to use them, or something similar such as Power Grips. (power grips review)

As you have probably gathered, switching to clipless pedals requires pedals and matching shoes, which can certainly add up.

Many normal flat pedals have screw holes to attach reflectors or toe clips and straps such as these ToeClips or these Clips and Straps which are much cheaper.
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