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Discussion in 'Commuting' started by Markymark, 2 Aug 2012.

  1. Markymark

    Markymark Guest

    Am a commuter for around a year but new to my head-cam. This happened this morning, it may not be that obvious form the video quite how close it was, or that I had to virtually come to a stop as he passed across me. Is this something worth notifiying the bus company about or is this just 'one of those things that happens all the time' and should just ignore it?

    Thanks in advance.

    PS I have further footage where you can see the numberplate.
  2. Looked close enough to me, I'm sure an e-mail to the company wouldn't hurt :headshake:
  3. BSRU

    BSRU A Human Being

    That could have been seriously nasty:sad:
  4. dhd.evans

    dhd.evans Über Member

    Bus sped up to get through pinch-point, managed to occlude the entire cycle lane. Had you been quicker off the mark you might have been at that part of the pinch-point by the time he decided he just couldn't wait - automatic cyclist-road sandwich. Death. I'd fire them an e-mail at the very least.
  5. phil_hg_uk

    phil_hg_uk I am not a member, I am a free man !!!!!!

    Oh bugger ............. can I uncover my eyes now :eek:
  6. OP

    Markymark Guest

    Emial sent:
    I am writing regarding a seriously dangerous overtake by one of your bus drivers this morning.
    Bus W15 - DML ******
    Reg **********.
    Incident locatoin: Grove Green Road and Cathall Road lights, travelling South West.
    Time: Approx 8.20am - 2/8/12
    The driver did a very dangerous closer overtake where the road narrowed and sped across me into the desginated cycle lane. Had I not stopped, he would almost of certainly collided into me despite me being in front.
    I have video footage and am giving you the opportunity to repsond before I take this matter further.
  7. T.M.H.N.E.T

    T.M.H.N.E.T Disc brakes - Stopping things since 1902

    Northern Ireland
    Before you threaten shoot the messenger, at least hear what they have to say.
  8. davefb

    davefb Über Member

    bloody hell. self-gratification artist..

    erm as it were..
  9. ABikeCam

    ABikeCam Throwing Frazzles at a badger

    Don't tell them straight off you have video footage. If the driver says something happened that you can clearly prove didn't with the aid of the footage, they are then shown to be a liar as well as a bad driver. Many CC'ers have encountered this in the past.
  10. gaz

    gaz Cycle Camera TV

    South Croydon
    TAKE THE LANE WHEN YOU STOP AT LIGHTS!! and continue to take it until you are passed the junction. It stops idiots like that passing at places they shouldn't.

    P.S don't use the youtube stabilization, it makes the video look weird, especially when you look around.
    If you have issues with your footage being jumping, look at fixing the cause rather than finding a workaround.
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  11. OP

    Markymark Guest

    Will do and will do!

    With regards to telling them about the video, I really don't think the driver will remember anything as it wouldn't even have registered with him. Had there been some sort of arguement, I would have not told them but I saw no point as I doubt he would even have rememberd the situation.
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  12. 400bhp

    400bhp Guru


    What is the point of passing a single vehicle to get to the front of a non existent queue if you don't take the lane.

    I imagine the bus driver was a little peeved you passed him at the traffic lights and gave you a punishment pass. Of course that is no justification for putting your life at risk.
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  13. 400bhp

    400bhp Guru

    He will-see my answer above.

    Think about it from his perspective.
  14. akb

    akb Über Member

    Agree with Gaz on this one; take the lane at lights, especially where there is a pinch point. Pretty much do what the other cyclist in the video did. Still worth a letter though to highlight and educate.
  15. davefb

    davefb Über Member

    buses have really good accell from the stop... i suppose it's possible he actually COULD have got past you, but not running over the other cyclist slowed hiim down so he went for the gap... poor driving... then again lame road to have a pinch like that.

    personally, i'd have set off slower assuming/knowing he'll pass and gone into the pinch behind the bus, but thats because i'm not as quick a cyclist , i'd rather aim for that than take the lane... (and of course hoping the traffic behind isnt totally lame)
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