Shouldn't skips be covered when being moved?


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Reason I ask is that I was passed by a skip-carrying vehicle (actually TWO skips - truck had a trailer with another skip on the back), rather close I should add, which was spraying detritus all over the road as it travelled.

Would have got his reg but I had too much crap in my eyes, face to see.


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Probably could be classed as an unsecured load.


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I was about to pull out of a side road and waited as builders lorry went by ... and just 1 foot in front of me a glass shard measuring 1" x 4" fell out ... and decided I was glad it fell out then rather than just after I pulled out of the junction - I put it down the drain. So yes I think they ought to take more care with their loads.


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All loose loads have to be covered by a net and/or tarp

This applies mostly to tipper lorries, waste lorries and skip lorries


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Any load should be adequately restrained dropping or losing anything ruling out the acceptable defence of load restraint catastrophic failure there is no excuse.

In the first instance report them to the companys transport and or general manager he may be a rogue driver if you continually see the same firm behaving in the same wayI would suggest reporting them to the traffic commisioner who controls licensing of ALL good vehicles ( local area in yellow pages) and or the health and safety executive.



I saw one of those skip trucks with trailer and skip at Londo Bridge last week, it looked as if someone was dared to come up with something more dangerous than a skip truck

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I saw an interesting one in Devon last week. I was following a recycling lorry down a road in Devon. He was making really good speed so I was just following him (I was obviously in the car at this point.). All of a sudden one of the doors on the back of the lorry opened, thankfully I was not right behind him, leaving cans and tins all over the road. He spotted his error quickly, it was going to take him a while to clean that lot up!


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Yeah, I thought skips had to be covered.

I was hit by a skip lorry once (not on the bike thank God), but in a van. The skip driver thought his 10 foot wide vehicle would fit through a 6 foot gap at 30mph.
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