Shouting from cars...


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Hey, chavvy passengers - now that summer's here at last, you have the windows open or the top down. What fun to shout at cyclists!

Why bother?
At the speed you're doing, we can't make out what you're shouting at us - is it something like 'whdofuerhfheuh'!

Sorry guys, I'm losing the gist of your meaning with the doppler effect.



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Damnit, I just can't find that video someone once linked to here highlighting how stupid that is.

It was a piss take video made in the US with a woman driving a funny-looking yellow car that was actually a bicycle. Anyone know what I'm talking about and can provide a link?


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Ah yes, nothing more life affirming than an unintelligible blast of abuse from some Simian/Human hybrids in a knackered Punto/Corsa/106, sometimes they get so excited they throw an almost full can of Coke, that must be dilema for the Chimps, they want to abuse us but they also want to drink the lovely fizzy drink, throw/drink/throw/drink.


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They aren't intelligent enough to know what the doppler effect is.


Being shouted at is better than being slapped or having eggs thrown at you though...
Yet again I had that muffled shout from car full of neds (chavs) tonight, how amusing :laugh:

Thinking hard about it and not wanting to put anything bad to it, it may have been 'get lights' afterall it was 9:45pm (still daylight here, hence the street lights were not on, in fact they are still not on) and I only had a rear smart superflash (not a very bright light :smile:) and a Cateye EL410 front light.


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My brother had a mate who whilst waiting at a bus stop had a prat drive past and the passenger fired an air pistol at him. Can't remember if he got the number and reported it as it was about 20 years ago. Drivers and their passengers haven't got any better in the last two decades:sad:.


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My parents drive a convertible. A few years ago someone shot at them from a white van as they were driving on the motorway with the hood down.

It was a water pistol, but still...


Somebodies chav passenger shouted at me from a car today, I think they were trying to make me jump. I didn't really hear them properly as it was windy so it didn't work and acted totally oblivious.

I think I had somebody try and sneak up on me at the weekend as well. I could hear a car behind me and they stayed behind longer than necessary, when I turned round the passenger had his arm hanging out the window and they were quite close to me. They passed normally when I glared at them. I just had one of those feelings they were up to something.
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