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Discussion in 'Photo Gallery' started by Crandoggler, 2 Oct 2015.

  1. KEEF

    KEEF Veteran

    IMG_1462.JPG It tells the time £7.95
  2. swee'pea99

    swee'pea99 Legendary Member

    Friend got one first, tho' his was a fake from Thailand. Didn't matter; I loved it on sight. Had to wait years, but I finally saw one second hand just after I got a Christmas bonus. It was in better nick then...*sob*...

  3. Oldfentiger

    Oldfentiger Über Member

    Pendle, Lancs
    This was a good deal on the plane a couple of weeks ago. Couldn't resist.
    Titanium watch and strap, and looks nicely different to me.
    Maybe it was a Jet2 special or summat, as it displays the day alternately in English and Spanish.
    Flight was from Barcelona.

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  4. ianrauk

    ianrauk Tattooed Beat Messiah

    Atop a Ti

    me want
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  5. KEEF

    KEEF Veteran

    IMG_1464.JPG A present from Mrs.Keef
  6. KEEF

    KEEF Veteran

    IMG_1463.JPG Another present from Mrs.Keef
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  7. KEEF

    KEEF Veteran

    IMG_1465.JPG And another present from Mrs. Keef
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  8. Vantage

    Vantage The dogs chew toy

    I like'em clean and simple. 14916859870121831039489.jpg
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  9. biggs682

    biggs682 Smile a mile bike provider

    Not mine but it is the inside the clock room at Bath Abbey complete with workings.

    WP_20170410_025.jpg WP_20170410_026.jpg
  10. CarlP

    CarlP Guru

    I found this walking the dogs today, just lying in the grass.


    Attached Files:

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  11. I fancied a vintage Tissot Seastar to go with my quartz one. It runs a bit fast. IMGP3497.JPG IMGP3495.JPG
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  12. wonderdog

    wonderdog Well-Known Member

    I have a 20s era Rotary, white enamel dial with Roman numerals and a double sterling silver case ... currently with a timepiece person having case hinges rebuilt ... will post pix when I get it back.
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  13. Tin Pot

    Tin Pot Guru

    I just had to.

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  14. Zanelad

    Zanelad Über Member

    And why not? Barry Norman mode off :-) Sometimes it's good to buy things just because you like them and want them, not because you need them or they're the cheapest for the job in hand. To each their own.

    Mrs Z will be out shopping and when she gets home say that she saw a nice this or that. Why didn't you buy it, I'll ask. Cos I didn't like to she'll say.

    Then when we go back to get it, it's gone.

    Treat yourself. We're worth it.
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  15. CharlesF

    CharlesF Über Member

    Martins of Glasgow have repaired my childhood watch (Avia with "17 jewels"), shown next to a Casio for size, how watches have grown in size.

    For anyone near Glasgow, I can definitely recommend Martins, not too expensive and tell you exactly what they will do.

    The Casio was purchased very cheaply from KLM after I won a voucher to use in their shop.

    Martins have also repaired my TAG Formula 1 which I have had repaired twice, at great expense, by TAG themselves.

    When I have some some cash I will get them to fix my late Father's Eterna and a very old pocket watch that I inherited.
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