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Sideswiped and Assaulted

Discussion in 'Commuting' started by ChrisKH, 18 Jun 2008.

  1. ChrisKH

    ChrisKH Shorts Adjustment Expert

    Eventfull commute home today. 4 wd nearly knocked me off with its mirror (must have been close it hit my arm) so I beckoned the driver back and he stopped. I pointed out the error of his ways but he said he had a right to the road and that I should move closer to the edge. At which point I lost it and told him where to go. Not clever on my part so he got out and was about
    6' 2" and started shoving me and asking if I wanted some more. I stood my ground but didn't retaliate,at which point he returned to the car and drove off.
    In two minds whether to report it as I probably committed an offence when I swore at him (to put it politely). One lady stopped and asked if I was ok, so potentially I have a witness (I see her now and then walking to the station). Probably something to put down to experience.

    Funny thing is, 400 yards down the road the same happened with a white van who came too close and the guy told me to get off the road. I sometimes wish I lived elsewhere. ;)
  2. fossyant

    fossyant Ride It Like You Stole It!

    South Manchester

    You got his reg - just report him for the sake of it - his car hit you !

    Drop in that after you shouted after him he got out and shoved you - not so sure on what you said, but assault is hitting or spitting !
  3. tdr1nka

    tdr1nka Taking the biscuit

    I think that swearing comes down as low and common abuse so don't worry about that!

    I'd report it, especially if you have his reg, a description and a witness.

    You get a lot of this in London too I know exactly what you mean about wanting to live elsewhere!

    Glad you're in one piece tho! ;)
  4. domtyler

    domtyler Über Member

    Not being funny Chris but are you taking a dominant road position?
  5. OP

    ChrisKH Shorts Adjustment Expert

    's okay dom, it's because I took a dominant road position for the previous 200 yards that he couldn't wait to get past me. I always pull from primary to secondary position at that point as it's uphill from thereon and it's at that point he overtook me. I was a metre from the kerb but he couldn't get past because of oncoming traffic hence no room between us when he did pass. Thing is, I was on the Brompton, but I had just come downhill in primary and was really motoring (for a Brompton) which is why I was so upset about it; it could have been nasty had I come off. I don't think I could reasonably have held primary position all the way up the hill without holding traffic up. The incident was also a function of the fact that the 4wd he had was pretty wide and he didn't want to wait 2-3 seconds whilst I negotiated some drain covers. Any other car could have passed quite easily I think.
  6. LLB

    LLB Guest

    Nice place you live in ;)

    He is obviously realised he was in the wrong and didn't want to lose face. I'd report the knob. Perhaps a visit or a document check may curb his impatience around others.
  7. ComedyPilot

    ComedyPilot Secret Lemonade Drinker

    Report the knobber. A bobby can at minimum issue him with a Section 59 warning which goes on the Police National Computer. The warning is for using his vehicle in a manner that is likely to cause harrassment, alarm or distress. If he gets reported again within a year (anywhere in the country), he could have his wheels taken off him. £150 fine and £20/day storeage, as well as going to court for the latest offence. It was brought in as legislation to stop all the boy-racers. Works well with pompous tw*ts in 4x4's too!
  8. hackbike 6

    hackbike 6 New Member

    The Mile End Road.
    He did say he was riding in primary.

    it isn't always the answer.IMHO.

    As we have seen in this thread it can lead to an impatient motorist taking a risk to get past the cyclist in primary position.A close dangerous overtake.
  9. Sorry to hear this – think police action is pointless – even with an “independent” witness – they will do sweet fa- well done for not loosing it – I’d of retaliated – suppose that makes you a better person than me
  10. For the record – that sort of behaviour would have get a quick d-lock through the window treatment – not right, and I’m not justifying it, but road bullies really change their attitude when you up the anti.
  11. hackbike 6

    hackbike 6 New Member

    The Mile End Road.
    Have you ever done that TC?
  12. Yes – had a van deliberately try and take me out on a mini roundabout – I was in front of him, narrow lane, in primary, fairly heavy traffic, started to turn right around RAB he was beeping me while I waited for oncoming traffic then, once I started turn, he overtook and swerved left attempting a side swipe – I caught up with him 100 yards later and there was an exchange of words which left me under no presumption that he had tried to knock me off – he then followed me and hung back until the road narrowed and then side swiped me again into parked cars – absolutely no doubt that this was on purpose again – I could see him waiting in my mirror and anticipated the move. The van made contact with my handle bars and I had no space – he was diagonally blocking me in –He then “started” on me, getting out of the cab, arms outstretched etc – I took the d-lock off my bars, got off the bike and squeezed to the front of the van just in front of him and smashed his front window – he then turned very quickly from a bully into a coward, jumped back in the cab real fast and sped off– I’m not proud of my actions and know that I’d get “done” for it, but previous experience with the police, when trying to report serious attempts on my life, have resulted in FA action – I’d say he was using his van as a weapon and I was acting in self defence. – once again I’d like to reiterate that I’m not encouraging or condoning such behaviour, but it got me out of a situation and made me feel a hell of a lot happier than if I’d given in to an attempt on my life and simply legged it.
  13. I find the vast majority of drivers to be courteous and polite – I drive myself and so do most of my family and friends. I guess like the rest of you, I have the occasional incident – and the vast majority of time these are accidental, not serious and avoidable – I put them down to poor judgment by drivers – even lack of attention or lack of experience, but you have to be alert to such behaviour day in and day out – you’ve got to take it on the chin cycling around London – mutter an expletive under your breath etc.. and shrug it off.
    But on the few occasions (and I mean few) when drivers deliberately attempt to assault me/endanger my life, I will attempt to have a word. And I know the difference between poor judgement (forgivable) and deliberately driving at me ( or lack of attention because your on the phone in one incident). When those drivers still tell you to **** off, or get out and try and thump you, I then think they are fair game for a little taste of their own violent medicine – but at least I take it out on an inanimate
    object and don’t try and kill them in return.
    I firmly believe that you should treat other people the way you want to be treated yourself - but if you have a **** it attitude towards killing or maiming me on my bike I’ll have a less than sympathetic attitude towards your weapon of choice.
  14. hackbike 6

    hackbike 6 New Member

    The Mile End Road.
    I'd say that was fair enough.It's not nice when people use their vehicles against you and I would have probably done the same.

    I've had first hand a few months back although he didn't actually hit me he did use his car aggressively against me when I had a go at him for driving like a ;) while he was on his mobile phone..Some people really are stupid.Right in a built up area (Mansion House)In the middle of the day.
  15. PBancroft

    PBancroft Senior Member

    Report him, and do it now. Don't leave it too long or the Police will wonder why you did.

    To everyone saying the Police will do sweet fanny adams, I'm sorry you may have had bad luck and an encounter where they didn't do what you expected. However, I'm not personally convinced that committing another violent and threatening act would be the smartest way to deal with this kind of situation.

    It's different when acting in self defense, but the car has gone, and the Police should be in the know.