Slugs invading my kitchen yuk!!!


You read it right.
I've got a problem with dam slugs invading my kitchen. Every time we get some wet weather, I'm usually greated with disgusting slime trails on my kitchen floor in the morning. The dam things usually always head for the cat bowl. I've now resorted to storing the cats midnight feast away much to his displeasure. The house i live in is really old with thick walls and I've gone through every square inch trying to find where these dirty great big slugs are getting in but to no joy. Putting a line of salt around the outside of the kitchen walls is the only thing that seems to work but i hate killing the dam things just for the sake of it,
There's got to be another way of banishing these invading monsters lol


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Get him drunk!
He will take age's to get down to the pub with me.
Besides do they let slugs in pubs %=)
Only if they're stuck to the bottom of your shoe:laugh:. Have you ever tried getting a mashed up slug off the sole of a shoe? The things are like a cross between jelly and rubber.xx( I tried putting loads of salt on one on my shoe,thinking it'd dissolve it. No luck,only time and walking a lot on the shoe will get shut of the mess!xx(


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Oh that seems such a good waste of beer though. I suppose i always drink after though lol.
Thanks for the link @classic33.
I will certainly give this a try tomorrow as its becoming a bit of a pain especially in all the wet warm weather
Use the cheap stuff, and not all in one go either.

"A good waste of beer" or a waste of good beer?


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Copper strips. Induces a chemical reaction akin to an electric shock.

Shielded cables used to use copper. Failing that co-axial cable(TV arial cable).
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