Society doesn't need cyclists...

Keith Peat. He's mentally unbalanced, he trolls reports of cycling fatalities to post filth in the comments. He's a notorious oddball who bans and deletes anyone who visits his website and points out his lies. Seriously disturbed and a thoroughly unpleasant person.


You got to wonder .......note his last sentence on 1% of UK.
"Keith Peat. General Secretary (Founder)

Motor engineer by trade, served 32 years in London Police. Class 1 advance police driver & motorcyclist. Have dealt with accidents. Have prosecuted them. Have compiled and provided accident stats. Abstract road accident reports to the legal profession. Three Commissioner's Commendations (One on the instigation of the Governor of the Bank of England) Royal Humane Society Award for resuscitation in life threatening circumstances and a member of MENSA. Keith is also a regular cyclist. Had two businesses. Very involved in local affairs in London. Ran a London boxing club and rose to the National ABA Council and England team manager. Founder of a London Borough Sports Council. Keith is very involved in charity fundraising. Moved to Lincolnshire 1994. Founded an indoor short mat bowling club in Sutton on Sea. Currently the East Midlands Coordinator of the Association of British Drivers and Founder of Drive East Midlands and now the founder of Driver's (protest) Union. Being a Mensarian, coming in the top 1% of the UK that year, is what allows for a unique and lateral use of information seriously lacking in road safety thinking today"

Dan B

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