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Hi, I'm posting this on behalf of a friend who recently learned to ride a bike.

He's got a hybrid bike and every time he goes out, he gets a really sore lower back. Doesn't seem to matter whether he's carrying a heavy load or not.

I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this or has any idea what might be going on.

Maybe it's like any new exercise, you're just sore for a while afterwards?

Any thoughts/comments appreciated.


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common cause is tight hamstrings. if your hammies are tight you have to drop your hip each time you pedal through BDC and this acts oon the lower back muscles too. same can be caused by having saddle too high, for same reason.
Or, his bike is too big and he's having to reach too far to the bars. This may well cause pins and needles/numbness in the fingers too.


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If hamstrings are tight try dropping the saddle by just 4 or 5mm max. This means his legs wont be stretched so far which will help if the cause of pain is tight hamstrings. Pain in the lower back can also be caused by reaching too far forwards to the handlebar (too long a top tube or stem) or the bar could simnply be too low. He can try raising the stem if the fork height allows it, so he isn't reaching down as far, or get a shorter stem to bring the bar closer to his body, or even get an adjustable stem to find the perfect position.

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50 situps every morning will strengthen the core muscles around his lower back and help with the pain.

yoga, pilates are amazing for helping with lower back pain
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