Strange accidents happen.


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" The military collector claimed that armor-piercing ammunition was from his own arsenal. "
He wasn't kidding either!

This bit is confusing the hell out of me:

"A source told The Sun: “The man said he found the shell when he was getting out of his things.
He said he put him on the floor and then slipped and fell on her – and she climbed onto him."
What's going on? Is this from a different story?
Good job he didn’t find Corporal Jones’ bayonet!
Just imagine if it had been a tallboy.


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I recall that in Seinfeld, Frank's rear end accidentally landed on a "fusilli Jerry" (a pasta statue of Jerry during a stand-up routine, made by Kramer). Frank had to go to a butt doctor then too, no ordinary butt doctor either, but the fabled "Ass Man" in fact.

Since then I've never been able to pick up a bag of fusilli without a slight wince.
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