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I am a paid up member of Strava but have never used Heatmap.

When I go into my account - Dashboard - Heatmaps.

Only my personal rides appear.

I want to use heatmaps to plan a route across europe. How do I see all of the heatmap routes?
If you find the veloviewer thread there is a link in it to the full heatmap page. I think @wajc posted it


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@steveindenmark go in to Dashboard - Routes and create a new route. On the left hand side of the screen you will see a gear cog which is the routes settings area, turn the heat map slider on in there.

I’ve used it a lot for planning routes in Europe and have found it to be very good.

The default slider at the top of the screen is to use popular routes, this makes it default to planning routes used by most Strava cyclists. I have ended up on some spectacular routes that I don’t think I would have found otherwise.


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I find that site fascinating. I was looking at my area and I spotted loads of tracks going around a local fell in big curves... took me a while to work out that they are from hang gliders!

Africa is amazing, most of the continent is a complete blank apart from the major cities. People are even using Strava in Lagos.


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That's the one. Amazing use of GPS and the internet.
If only I were allowed to show you the 30 billion location points of data I get on a monthly basis at work from various mobile phones and navigation devices, that would really blow your mind.


If you've ever gone onto flight radar and looked at all the aircraft flying over the Atlantic at any point, it'll probably scare/amaze you too.....
Slightly OT, I'm planning to build a FlightRadar24 receiver/computer to add into their network. You get a free top subscription for doing so. No reason bar nerdy interest!
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