Strava started using Garmin Calorie Estimates ?


My current aim is to do 1600 calories and then keep under the Strava estimate (years ago I hit 17st+, I'm down to 10 1/2 now and doing 550+ miles a week, but know I have no internal mechanism for judging food intake).

Anyway, it looks like Strava has started taking the Gamin estimate, which is as far as I can tell is a completely crap estimate:

Yesterday with HR monitor 102miles, avg HR 108, 16.8 average 3000ft climbing :- 1800 calories
Today without HR monitor 87miles, 16.4 average 3000ft climbing :- 4500 calories.

I've set my max HR and weight.


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Cant help in any way , just wanted to say in awe of your heart rate...108 for me is walking up the stairs ffs ;-)


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Strava and Garmin calorie counts are guesstimates at best and utter bollocks at worst :whistle:

550 a week...Does your job basically involve cycling all day?!

Good job on the weight loss though!


Yeah they've started using whatever estimate was recorded by the GPS unit you are using. Annoyingly they use this estimate even when power data is there, throwing away the accurate measure for no good reason.


years ago I hit 17st+, I'm down to 10 1/2 now and doing 550+ miles a week, .
Good effort! For calories I generally work on about 350-400 per hour at a moderate pace. 4500 sounds like a complete over estimate but at least you could afford a pie or 5 when finished :hungry:
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