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    I thought Worzel Gummidge at first?
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    booze and cake

    booze and cake probably out cycling

    ^_^ yeah there is a whiff of Worzel about him. This bird is Worzel resistant, being neither scared, or a crow.
    On the back of a phone box opposite Brick Lane Bikes I did find a crow that was looking scared, not because of Worzel but because its been bagged along with a fox.
    Not exactly topical as the film this takes the mickey of was a few years ago, but I saw this today and it made me chuckle. I think I may start calling this grey, drab and wet weather this from now on....'don the waterproofs it's 50 shades of Gary today'^_^
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    booze and cake

    booze and cake probably out cycling

    This is new in Star Yard off Brick Lane.
    And I came across this on a door in an Industrial Estate in Haggerston.
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    booze and cake

    booze and cake probably out cycling

    I posted this on another thread earlier, but think it deserves a place here too.
    More info:
    Even big brands like Gucci are using street art for some of their ads these days.
    This was obviously done a month ago for Halloween.
    Down in Tooting Broadway, in a side alley called Salvador Alley is this which I really like.
    I think the alley name is great, it just needs this squeezing in.....
    .....and you're nearly at............
    (from way back on page 2). ^_^
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  5. OP
    booze and cake

    booze and cake probably out cycling

    I came across a couple of new works in Shoreditch by Baltimore artist Nether410, who has featured on these pages before. The finds led me on a graffiti inspired history lesson, and a story that sounds worthy of a movie.

    First up I came across this.
    And then a mile or so down the road, this:
    The name partially obscured by my handlebars is of Peter Chappell, he was instrumental in a campaign in the 1970's which is referred to the text above the portrait, 'George Davis is innocent OK'.

    George Davis was arrested for his part in a robbery at the London Electricity Board's offices in Ilford in 1974. The robbers didn't know it but the Police had been tipped off and were lying in wait. There was a shoot out in the street in which a policeman was shot in the leg, and another was run over, and the robbers got away. But the police had taken photos of the robbers, and one of them they thought was George Davis, despite strong evidence he was miles away at the time. George was tried at the Old Bailey and was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

    Peter Chappell, and other friends and neighbours of George in the East End, including Violet Kray, the mother of the notorious gangsters Ronnie and Reggie, began to organise a campaign protesting George's innocence. Graffiti slogans proclaiming 'G. Davis is innocent' started going up on bridges and walls across London and on motorways further afield.

    The Who performed a benefit concert at Charlton Athletic FC's former ground, the Valley. Punk band Sham 69's album 'Tell us the Truth' is a tribute to George. There was an album you could buy to support the campaign featuring words and music. One of the contributors to the album was former MP Peter Hain, who served in the Cabinet under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. Hain was raised in South Africa and was opposed to the apartheid regime, and in 1976 Peter Hain himself was tried for and acquitted, of a bank robbery in 1975 in which he claims he was framed by the South African Authorities.

    In Christmas 1974 Peter Chappell broke the lights on the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square, while George's wife Rose stood in a vigil outside Scotland Yard. During 1975 Peter drove his lorry into the buildings of the Daily Mirror and the Daily Telegraph on Fleet St. He later drove his lorry into the gates of Buckingham Palace. He was frequently arrested but dodged jail, until his next stunt. You can challenge the establishment, but messing with cricket, well that's not cricket!

    The Ashes, August 1975. Its the 4th days play in the 3rd Test at Headingly. Australia lead the series 1-0 after winning the first Test, and the second Test was a draw. England are looking good after scoring 288 in the first innings and 291 in the second, and they'd bowled Australia out for 135 in their first innings and Australia stand at 220 for 3 in the 2nd innings. England have a great chance of levelling the series, with one Test to go.

    Unfortunately for England cricket supporters, Peter Chappell and some friends had broken into Headingly the night before, and dug up holes all over the pitch and poured oil over the wicket. Stunned ground staff had to admit the field was not fit for play, and the match was abandoned and declared a draw, meaning irrespective of the result of the final Test Australia retained the Ashes. Australia's Captain that day was Ian Chappell. In case you are wondering Ian and Peter Chappell are not related. ^_^

    Peter Chappell got 18 months in prison for the Headingly stunt. But it worked. Home Secretary Roy Jenkins ordered a review. George was no saint but on this occasion he was stitched up by the coppers. And after serving 20 months he was released, returning to the East End a hero, but the verdict was not formally quashed until 2011.

    Upon release it all went wrong for George. He cheated on his wife Rosie and in 1977 was arrested for an armed robbery of a Bank near Finsbury Park. Caught red handed he was given 15 years in prison. Heartbroken Rosie divorced him, George had betrayed not just her, but all those that believed in him. George served 11 years, was released in 1984, but was arrested 3 years later and sentenced to 18 months for stealing mail bags.

    Upon release George appears to have gone straight, he married again, to the daughter of a Police Inspector:laugh:.

    Rose wrote her autobiography, called 'the wars of Rosie', she passed away in 2009.
    More info and pics: (the Policeman standing on the cricket pitch is a John Cleese lookalike^_^)

    And over 40 years after the original graffiti was done that sparked this groundbreaking civil disobedience campaign, traces still remain. I came across this article in the Londonist that features one of the bridges
    ...but I don't recognise it. I've had a look on Streetview to try and find it, but no luck. If anyone recognises it please let me know where, and I'll go and see if its still there.:okay:

    On my search I did come across this on Salmon Lane near Bow, that was taken in March 2018 that clearly shows 'G Davis is innocent'.!1sjBlAmE4d-ZWug76p3Rkl_Q!2e0!7i16384!8i8192
    Sometime between March and now its lost the 'G'. I went over there today and it looks like this now.
    I'm amazed this has survived so long as its accessible and easily painted over.

    I also found a Vimeo video of an old TV programme narrated by Kathy Burke called 'Antics Roadshow' that features an interview with Peter Chappell looking just like he does in his mural above, talking about this period. I love his comments about how he managed the campaign before the internet or modern phones, and how he'd have done it much quicker these days^_^. His brief interview starts is at 37 mins and 36 seconds in the following link:

    I was only a toddler when this story happened so I missed it, but I continue to be surprised by what I discover as result of this thread, its...... HnDaNfP.jpg

    EDIT: I've managed to locate the bridge posted on the Londonist link above, its on Bow Common Lane, and you can just make out the 'G. Davis' on this link:!1s8I1tuhhO6s8f556_LfYXGQ!2e0!7i16384!8i8192
    And on nearby St Pauls Way is another, this time the 'G' is missing but its obviously the same bridge featured in some older photographs I've seen.!1sEhlwZO64C_BR-1RFSufSzw!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

    And finally I discovered Peter Chappell died earlier this year, but his birthday was on the 1st December, and it seems his mural was done on his birthday. Yesterday I found a photo of his son posing in front of the mural saying thanks to the artist, saying he owed him a pint. I've just searched again for ages to find it, without success, but that was a nice end to the story.
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    Armonmy Way
    I remember the ''George Davis is innocent'' which quickly switched to ''George Davis is in again'' but the 2nd version seems not to have troubled the city's arches and bridges. I also remember the oil on the pitch incident but never knew that Chappell linked the two. I also seem to have confused Headingly with the Oval. Maybe that was a different pitch sabotage incident.....
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    North Yorkshire
    A fascinating story inspired by street art. Brilliant stuff, @booze and cake !
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  8. Katherine

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    I love the research that you do. Fascinating story.
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  9. OP
    booze and cake

    booze and cake probably out cycling

    Thanks again folks, that was an interesting journey. I never know what I'm going to come across next. I guess I'm nosy, sorry, I mean naturally inquisitive^_^.
    @deptfordmarmoset :laugh: at 'George is in again', I'll keep my eyes open for any of those. I've just edited my previous post with some more info I discovered.

    Today was wet, even the birds were wearing wellies
    And the person that did this obviously has some long ladders or a cherry picker.
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    booze and cake

    booze and cake probably out cycling

    Inner city mushroom foraging in the Nomadic Community Garden in Hackney
    This next one is in a side street off Brick Lane.
    And I really like this in Shoreditch, complete with some London landmarks seen in silhouette in the background.
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    booze and cake

    booze and cake probably out cycling

    Nether410 again, he was busy on his recent trip over from America.
    This girl looks like she's just stubbed her toe on something.
    On Seaford Street in St Pancras, is what looks like Mary Poppins jumping from the top of a building.
    And finally in Shoreditch I found another work by Xenzogram. Previous examples of their work can be seen on pages 3 and 45.
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    booze and cake

    booze and cake probably out cycling

    Here's some fusion street art near Whitechapel. Zabou has featured on these pages before, but this is a collaboration with yarn-bomber Villana, who has knitted the hair band on this Amy Winehouse portrait. Apparently this was done in July so I'm surprised the woollen hair band has lasted so long.
    And here's a new Otto Schade near Brick Lane, featuring a drone in a bird cage.
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  13. OP
    booze and cake

    booze and cake probably out cycling

    This could be a graphical summary of the changes of direction of the shambles that is Theresa May's Brexit deal.
    .......this could be a summary of how smoothly the negotiations are going.....
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    not done this before, from Leicester towpath (narrow, couldn't get square on)
    Leicester 2018 (47).JPG
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  15. sheddy

    sheddy Guru

    and Leicester City centre
    Leicester 2018 (40).JPG
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