Suggestion : Audax & Sportive forum area

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Where do people post about audaxes or sportives on here ?

On C+, before it became C-,
- some posted in Race and that lead to bitter arguments, with some saying sportives aren't races and then being accused of snobbery
- others posted in Ride, which I thought was supposed to be about rganising your own thing not going on an organised one
- others posted in Beginners
So we ended-up with somethines three threads all about the same event.

So suggest an 'Audax & Sportive' forum area.

(and am being deliberately provocative in calling it that, not 'Sportive & Audax', because some sportive riders really look down on audaxers !)
Now that is a good idea. I have very little interest in road racing but I'd like to get back into Audaxes again and maybe meet a few of you into the bargain. You'll have to push me up the hills though, and I'll wheelsuck shamelessly until I'm a bit fitter. :blush: :rolleyes:
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