Suggestions for revenge

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My brother and his young family have moved house in the last few weeks. They were forced out by the activities of a underclass scumbag family across the road, the only bad family in the street. I wont go into details but it involved intimidation, harrassment vandalism, victimisation and a court case in which the scumbags got away with it because no one in the street was prepared to come foward as a witness.
Now that they have moved away, my brother and I are conjuring ways to get our own back, we are prepared to wait a little longer if necessary.

We know their address, names, movement habits, have access to their facebook pages, mobile phone no (blazed across a van) etc.
They know our family name and nothing else.
Any suggestions? :biggrin:
I'm open to anything (within the legality of this forum) nasty, evil or silly.:bicycle:

What would you do?


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near Hornsea
If they have a lawn, you could always write them a message on it with weedkiller :biggrin:


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Put them in touch with a few Nigerian businessmen?

(Sympathy BTW, we were forced to move for the same reason 6 years ago. The scum have moved on now but sold their house to some other low-life so the place still looks like a scrapyard.)


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Please note that the following suggestions are illegal and I accept no responsibility if you decide to go through with any of them!

Hosepipe through the letterbox when they are out. A hose on full-blast for a few hours should produce some "interesting" results.

Failing that, dog excrement mixed with urine to form a slurry in a three litre coke bottle, and poured through the letterbox on a hot day when they are out. It will take months for the smell to go.

Another option is flour + eggs + water + waterproof PVA all mixed together and pelted at the house on a hot day. It will set like concrete and be nigh on impossible to clean off.


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No revenge. A horrible experience but one that should be left behind. Enjoy the new life away from these scumbags and don't stoop as low as them in doing something in return that you'll likely regret.
tempting though revenge is, after a few weeks you will be so happy in your new homelife, you won't even care anymore. just know that with the type of world those scum live in they will get theirs eventually.


I'm wandering how many of you who say "forget it" have had personal experience of this type of soul destroying stress and humiliation?

Genuine question.
The scumbags are acting in this way because they are excluded from society (or exclude themselves). Good or acceptable behaviour is developed from a sense of belonging.
So the more you do something to push them away from society, the worse they will get, but if you are nice to them they may come round!
I don't know what happened in this matter but on the basis of the above, if you do something to them then your former neighbours and the poor sods who bought the house will suffer.
Fizzypigeon said:
I'm wandering how many of you who say "forget it" have had personal experience of this type of soul destroying stress and humiliation?

Genuine question.

Certainly not to that degree I will admit.

But as soon as the action of revenge is not associated with the actual wrongdoing it encourages them to do more wrong rather than punishing them for wrongdoing.
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