Taking a Drink While Riding..Which Hand..

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This might sound daft but I'm having a bit of trouble using my drink bottle while I'm on the move..
I am right handed so I'm holding the bars with my left hand and trying to get the bottle in and out with the right and making a pigs ear of it..
Is that the right way or dont it matter.
What way do you take a drink if you are right handed or left handed?


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Me. Right handed use right hand.
+1 one, right handed so I use that one.

If you are new to riding a road bike, (assumption made), you will find it tricky at first as road bikes do feel very twitchy until you adapt to it.

If this is the case as your confidence grows you will stop thinking about it and just do it :thumbsup:


Right hand so your left can still get to the brake


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I use either hand depending on which bottle / holder I am going for; usually left for the down tube bottle and right for the seat tube one. Not sure why, but it seems to happen that way.

To OP, are you trying to cover your brakes while getting a drink or over tightening your grip on the bars to try and compensate? It might be easier not to, if you are, for better control and stability.
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