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Discussion in 'Commuting' started by martint235, 28 Jun 2012.

  1. Maz

    Maz Guru

    On a dual-carriageway this morning and a van carrying a pile of wooden fence panels overtakes me.
    As he pulls in infront of me, the panel on the top of the pile catches the wind and flips up, flies in the air, just missing my head.
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  2. ianrauk

    ianrauk Tattooed Beat Messiah

    Barmy in Barming
  3. ianrauk

    ianrauk Tattooed Beat Messiah

    Barmy in Barming
    Grotty out this morning. Go caught in the rain for the first part of cycle commute to the station. Fortunately the rain abated for the second part from the station to work.

    Witnessed a couple of right numpty motons this morning. One of the got peeved that the other had pulled in front of him. Cue lots of revving, skidding and gesticulations between the 2 drivers. They were so in their own pathetic little world that they were a danger to themselves and others, including me who had swerve out of the way when one got too close. Bloody planks.
  4. C R

    C R Senior Member

    Did you report them? Carrying an unsecured load like that is a serious offence.
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  5. Maz

    Maz Guru

    No I didn't. I saw them pull over then One guy got out of the van and walked back to pick up the panel from the road, the other guy looked like he was trying to secure the load. They said oh sorry about that. I rode on.
  6. Maverick Goose

    Maverick Goose A jumped up pantry boy, who never knew his place

    :hugs:annoying-that happened to me too after work last night (I did one of my quickest tube changes though).:pump:
  7. ManiaMuse

    ManiaMuse Über Member

    Ride home yesterday was a right drag into a stiff headwind. Not gusty, just constant, annoying wind.

    Of course by this morning it had managed to do a complete 180 and be a stiff headwind in the opposite direction...

    Let's see what mood the wind is in by the time I cycle home.
  8. straas

    straas Senior Member

    Dress down at work today - I'm still on the MTB, think I'll commute home in my 'normal' clothes for a change, the mudguards I bodged on seem to be doing a cracking job.
  9. hennbell

    hennbell Über Member

    Wind kicked up today was fortunately a tail wind. Got to work a little faster I think, but due to the fact the Garmin froze up so I don't really know. -23C with a 30kph wind. My winter cycling gear is top class but my left nostril has a hint of frost bite. Not looking forward to the bike ride home.

    Temperature with wind chill is reported at -40C, but I can never get my mind around how they come to that number.
    Next Tuesday the forecast has us at a balmy -2C almost shorts weather!
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  10. Jenkins

    Jenkins Veteran

    Missed a couple of days this week as I was working away - beautiful cold, crisp mornings which would have been perfect for a ride, but the traffic on the A41 around Bicester...:eek:

    Back to normal today however - more rain on the way in and a stiff North Westerly on the way home. Need to change the brake blocks yet again thanks to the cr4p state of the roads.
  11. cosmicbike

    cosmicbike Perhaps This One..... Staff Member

    Really quite chilly this morning when I left home at 0530hrs. At least it was dry though, which doesn't look like it's going to be th ecase come going home time:rain:
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  12. Bazzer

    Bazzer Setting the controls for the heart of the sun.

    Better than rain, but not by much.
    First 8 or so miles, the roads were untreated and what patches were not ice, were covered in a layer of frozen snow. Also got caught in a hail shower. Once on suburban roads there was a noticeable increase in temperature and although the snow still remained, it was much softer and due to traffic, was forming slush on the roads. The overwhelming majority of traffic either accepted or appreciated why I was cycling in the channel created by car tyres and gave me plenty of room as they passed. But had a couple of dickheads, a lorry driver in particular who didn't give me room and whose tyres ran straight through the slush in the middle of the lane, with the inevitable splashing.
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  13. Arjimlad

    Arjimlad Tights of Cydonia

    South Glos
    Ice ice baby !

    Lovely sunny morning but very glad of the Schwalbe winter studs. Sometimes you get forced onto the icy bits by oncoming cars. Came a cropper at this spot a couple of years ago. 4ice.jpg
  14. si_c

    si_c Über Member

    Steady run in this morning, most of the way in was treated, but there were a couple of roundabouts with a lot of ice in the gutter, and the last section downhill into work I was mostly riding on a thick half-refrozen slush.
  15. palinurus

    palinurus Guru

    Crunchy studded tyre commute today (only really needed for the first bit where I cut through some minor roads though)
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