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Discussion in 'Commuting' started by martint235, 28 Jun 2012.

  1. Salty seadog

    Salty seadog Space Cadet...(3rd Class...)

  2. vickster

    vickster Legendary Member

    First commute puncture and roadside fix thanks to this!!

    About a mile from home, fortunately I was tooled up for the tube replacement

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  3. Slick

    Slick Veteran

    Perfect audio description. :okay:
  4. si_c

    si_c Über Member

    Fairly steady ride in this morning, definitely feeling better than yesterday, although not 100% for sure. Dopey driver pulled onto a roundabout despite me already being on it, then slammed on right in my path when she finally saw me. She just looked confused as to why I was shouting at her.

    Other than that it was a fairly standard commute.
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  5. Maverick Goose

    Maverick Goose A jumped up pantry boy, who never knew his place

    Light drizzle last night here in the Penrith area; the snow is gradually melting there were still massive drifts by the side of the road between Pooley Bridge and Eamont Bridge. All the lights were green as well (J I hope you give me the green light;):smooch:). Hopefully I'll make it out with the Eden Valley CTC tomorrow, as conditions round the Pennines are still somewhat problematic.
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  6. palinurus

    palinurus Guru

    Got the bus because I wanted to bring home my travelling bags which I keep at work. Nice in the morning because I left early and walked through the park just as it was getting light, listened to the birds.

    Bus on the way home didn't turn up so I went in a nearby Starbucks. Got my name wrong on my drink as usual. Didn't get back home 'till 7.

    Anyway, about tomorrow:


    fark this shoot, I'm getting a car.
  7. palinurus

    palinurus Guru

    Bring back the farking snow so I can demonstrate the superiority of cycling.
  8. palinurus

    palinurus Guru

    Starting to feel a bit poorly.
  9. Bazzer

    Bazzer Setting the controls for the heart of the sun.

    On the commute home last night, had a self induced face palm moment. Quads felt a bit sore from about 8 miles and from about 14 were positively uncomfortable, which I couldn't get my head around. Then at around 16 remembered I'd been sprinting between traffic lights in the morning. :banghead:

    This morning pre dawn I had one of those :wahhey:serendipity moments. I turned onto an unlit rural road, just as the clouds cleared and a lovely half moon with a star below appeared at about 45 degrees to my right. It stayed with me for about 2 miles before disappearing behind a cloud, a couple of hundred metres or so before I turned to the east and would have lost sight of it anyway.

    Think I am losing the mental battle about whether or not to get a cam for my bike. Last night, when filtering on the outside of standing traffic, just as I drew level with the van at the head of the queue, head casually rolled his van into the ASL box, trying to block it off. (And the lights were not about to change). Then this morning a mile or so after the pleasure of the moon, as I was riding through a housing estate I could hear a car coming up behind me and for some reason sensed he wasn't going to hang back, so took the lane. - I'm doing 15-17 mph in a 20 zone so hardly holding him up. Fiat 500 swoops around me with about 8 - 10 metres of road to a junction. Slams his brakes on to stop. I have to brake sharply and when I drew up to his car to enquire WTF was that about, he accelerated away.
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  10. palinurus

    palinurus Guru

    Wasn't too bad. Bit of drizzle.
  11. palinurus

    palinurus Guru

    Seems typical
  12. palinurus

    palinurus Guru

    Even more typical is I feel shortchanged.
  13. palinurus

    palinurus Guru

    & Ms. P. has started calling me by the name they gave me in Starbucks.
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  14. gaijintendo

    gaijintendo Über Member

    Two close passes today from the same driver. We supposedly passed each other a few more times according to her... when we both arrived at work.

    We live nearby, we work nearby... We are what should vaguely constitute members of a community.

    She said there wasn't much space. Agreed.

    She tried to explain that cyclists should have to pay, but hadn't memorised the rest of the argument, so stopped... I asked if she meant with our lives.

    Not sure what to do about this. Via HR, police, or hope that my saying "please" as my final word when she said she'd think about being more patient might work.
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  15. Thorn Sherpa

    Thorn Sherpa Senior Member

    1st puncture of the year and forgetting to put my pump back into my bag :blush: just what you need after a night shift! I wanted to walk to the train station and catch a train home anyway :laugh:
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