The CC Trig Point bagger thread, now incorporating other interesting geographs

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I knew there was a BM on Hill Farm, Mears Ashby, but couldn't find it until the shrubbery was hacked back during redevelopment.

Carry a strimmer like the rest of us;)

Trig Point today..
Auchans, ne Linwood/Houston (not Texas)

auchans 3.jpg

linwood os.jpg

Has to be the lowest TP I've bagged (or maybe not). I've passed many a time but field is normally sodden and the big bull wasn't around although by the time I got back to the bike, he was giving it bell tinkle (and looking at me)

Bobby Mhor

Wasn't born to follow
In my future stomping ground today...
oops forgot to mention the town is Denny....
Just looked up an FB...
(traffic build up so snipped Google Maps for photo)
NS 8123 8254 Denny, Glasgow Rd, Building.jpg

on the Old Town House...
council building denny.jpg
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A few finds on yesterday's ride through and around Cambridge.

I couldn't get any nearer to this Trig Point as it was a distance over a field. The hedge was a bit thick, and too close to the farm to explore further!


TP2115, Chapel Hill, a mile south of Haslingfield. You can only just see it through the hole in the hedge..


A nice Mike marker, with Cut mark on the A10 close to the M11.


Finally, a Victoria post box in the church gatepost.

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