The Joy of Cycling

Which of these things BEST describes, for you, the joy of cycling? You can only choose one.

  • It's an aesthetic thing. My bike is beautiful and I look like a god when I ride it.

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  • It's a narrative thing. The ride tells a story.

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There's a poll. Not just for Smeggers, but it was his idea. :girl:

I'm only allowed ten options, so if I'm not describing your greatest joy of cycling, either opt for the closest thing ("independence", for example, would go under liberation; "it makes me feel smug" might go under either politics or looking like a god) or, if I'm miles off, add another source of joy to the thread...


Only one... oooo, that's gonna make it tougher, there's several of those which will apply at different times and on different days.
As I'm only allowed one vote I've gone for fitness because primarily cycling has always been a good base activity but it's also about most of the other things you've put down. Each one figures in a large or small way but they all strike a chord, C probably, maybe e-minor


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If it were a multiple choice poll, I would have selected 6 or 7 of the options, but limited to just one, it had to be the final choice - It's a fitness thing. It's good for body and mind.

The 100-odd CycleChat members who have joined me on my hilly forum rides might find that amusing, given that I have been overweight and relatively unfit throughout my 5 years on the forum but there have been times before that when I used my bikes to get very fit indeed.

My avatar picture was taken around 2005-6 when I was slim and strong (and still had a lot of hair, most of which had yet to turn grey!). I absolutely loved being able to whiz about the local Pennine hills with none of the sluggish grovelling which has bedevilled me in the years since then. I'm looking forward to getting that fit again next year, once I have recovered from my current poor health! :thumbsup:


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I picked the bottom one. I would like a It's a suntan thing... it allows me to get nice brown arms and the sun on my face :biggrin:


It's about the places it takes me. The people, the landscape, the sounds and smells.
I chose that one. I'm not going to save the planet by cycling - now tell me I'm selfish for my opinion....
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