The Meaning of Cycling Liff

All uphill

I didn't recognise you but I knew your bike
Planning future routes while self-isolating I came across a village near Honiton that I thought might have described @Drago and @steveindenmark back in their days trying to keep us within the law:

Gobsore Copse


Winnersh and Floak (archaic) - Winnersh is the momentum taken into a hill that enables the rider to temporarily pedal above their usual velocity; Floak is the gravitational effect that reduces the winnersh, eventually to zero on all but the smallest of climbs. If the rider isn't pedalling when the floak has exhausted the winnersh then the fraction of a second where the bicycle is neither moving forwards nor backwards is known as a Standish.
Ruckinge - the uncomfortable feeling experienced in the area of your little toe about 25 miles into a ride. Often suspected to be caused by a slight twisting of your cycling socks in the toe area, a Ruckinge is impossible to trace as, after stopping and removing your cycling shoes, you discover that your sock is not in fact twisted after all and the source of the Ruckinge a complete mystery.
Newton Ferrers: the little specks of rust that form inside your stem bolt heads after a wet ride
Stow-on-the-wold: bugs that manage to cling to your frame for several miles after you've ridden through a cloud of them
Mytholmroyd: the sharp pain in a sensitive area when you try to sit down, having forgotten that your saddle broke earlier in the ride
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