The Retirement Thread


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I just put an Ikea chest of drawers together in less than 1 hour, all glued as well. Only a few bits left over.
Save them for a rainy day :laugh:
Behind bars
Morning all.
Cold & grey here again.
Mebbe get the motorbike out for a run over to the Lakes - it's often much sunnier over that side when we've got an E wind. <looks at weather forecast for Keswick> mmmm it's grey over there too - think I'll just get back under the duvet.


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12 minutes past seven and I'm the first one to post. Where is everyone?
I was asleep!! Terrible night, awake reading 3.15 - 5.30. Just having my first coffee. Had a brew at bedtime for the first time in months, think that was the problem.

Oh, yes. Good morning all. Shortly I will be barrowing garden compost down from the allotment to new beds with return loads of stone from the wall I took down.

Efficient or what??


Started young, and still going.
Morning all, I've been awake since 6.30, so I took the dog out early. Nice and sunny now, and warming up. More washing on as MrsP and myself are off to North Norfolk over the Easter break to do some walking along to coastal path between Sherringham and Hunstanton. The pooch is coming too.
Today will be a good day for a ride later, but I have to go to the sorting office as a package that was too big for the letter box is waiting for me. How come the postie always knocks when you are out?
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