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Will be ecstatic when that Mediterranean plume arrives. Forced myself out into a nithering Easterly wind for a couple of laps of the old Leamside TT course this afternoon. It felt more like January than April. Legs were good but I wasn't appreciating the weather conditions so came home and called it quits at 20 miles.

Now planning an adventure for later in the week.

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Maybe Welshie will say her remote is broken ^_^
The lady is too far away, and I suspect my Good Lady wont be impressed.^_^


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Just popped down the road to see if anything is happening on Bardney bridge, they shut it this morning for 12 weeks and it is one of the main routes out of the village, anyways I digress, I spotted a cyclist and being a bit of one myself I had a chat, he had cycled from Glossop a distance on slow roads of 90 miles and he was on his way to Skeggy another 40 miles, into a headwind. Madness total madness, but boy was I envious.


No he bl**dy isn't
A friend of a friend had their artificial grass lawn stolen. Mebbe an urban myth but it is expensive, very portable and difficult to make secure so could be true.

I wish someone would steal the fellow who lives opposite me artificial grass..Looks b——-y awful

I did enjoy watching him in the autumn going out every five minutes to brush the leaves of the grass.He even complained that his neighbours leaves we’re falling on his grass and making it look untidy.
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