The Retirement Thread


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Hello. Grey, dry and windy today.

This morning I have a mountain of ironing to tackle. I don't want to do this but know one of us must.

This afternoon it's the first meeting of my U3A Indoor Games group. I'll be very interested to see how many of those who "expressed interest" actually turn - my money is on four.
Morning. Bit grey and dismal but a 5 mile run done.

Porridge is currently simmering and the running gear is whirling away in the machine. Don't think it will be getting hung up outside though as the rain is due shortly.

Going to Perth Crem for 11.30 for a funeral for dad's cousin. Don't know him all that well, but dad was fond of him so I know he would have wanted me to go. Yet another taken a bit too early with cancer.


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Morning fellow followers of leisure.
Looks like we night have a nice day here in Seaton today. Forecast is good through to end of next week, so we've decided to stay on whilst the weather holds. Couldn't do that when I was working!
Off for a walk around Longdon Hill and Golden Cap today, followed by lunch at Kilmington.
today I will be chasing up the police...……..again...………………. to give my statement seeing as they still haven't fekin shown up :cursing::cursing:
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