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Should be in mundane news really, but I have just been out on the bike for a bit and stopped for a haircut on the way home. Yes , I do still have enough on top to go to the barbers every few weeks.
Out for a couple of ales tonight with MrsP and then over to the curry shop for the banquet night. A main course plus a side and either rice or naan for £ 9.50 per person.
Never known anyone celebrate getting their hair cut.


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There is a good slug of vodka in those glasses of orange juice ^_^.
Ridershave just gone past Chester zoo.....its all interesting to us.
What I want to know is what is Mrs Dave hiding with her right hand.


So today the Tour of Britain came past our house.

Managed to get on TV too :-)

Only downside was an argument with a tosser who decided they wanted to park right outside my house to watch when there were plenty of other places they could park.

Apparently "this would never happen at the tour de France", nope they'd have probably been twatted by the householder.

Yes, I know they had a legal right to park there, so I asked them extremely politely if they could possible park somewhere that wouldn't block our own view, but they weren't in the mood for polite.

Ah well, at least they moved
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