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If 6 Was 9
Would a pint outside be safe then?
Not before midday.


Flouncing Nobber
I have risen!

Muttley already walked. Cold and frosty with a bit of fog here in Poshshire.


Started young, and still going.
Morning all fellow wheezers, a cold frosty start to the day here. Meeting my mate and his dog for a long walk across the fields with a coffee stop on the way. After that, I shall be out on the bike getting some miles in, to get some of MrsP's favourite tea from Morrisons in Borehamwood, as it is on offer there and not available elsewhere. Another excuse for a bike ride also.:bicycle:
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Hello my people. ^_^ Light grey sky, still and 4C. That'll do. Mrs P said "What a strange kind of light." Not sure what she's been looking at :blush:

A favourite ride today - the one which meets at the top of my road. Out to the Ribble Valley via a few hills. A great cafe,The Potters Barn, in Ribchester and home.

Fabulous cakes. If you're ever in the area go. 🍰🥧🍵
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