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Our recycling centres are supposed to be re-opening on 1st June, but with lots of restrictions.
Our local recycling centre was recently redesigned and it's very swish and well organised with a one way system and helpful operatives.
The only caveat is you have to be in a car or van. We recently gave up the car so are vehicle free. I was going to put the recently deceased microwave on the bike rack and trundle on down there but that's no longer an option.


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I've got an appointment for Wednesday
Well it's a day out..........make sure it's on the calendar in case you double book. :laugh:


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Our recycling centres are supposed to be re-opening on 1st June, but with lots of restrictions.

Our one opened last week for garden waste and household waste only, with a booking system. I managed to get a slot yesterday afternoon, 12 bags of garden waste gone. The car smelt a bit rancid on the way there!

Better get up now, I can hear my breakfast calling me:hungry:


Legendary Member I've had a browse through CC. No one seems to need my expert advice on all things cycle related - like how to change a tube.

Mrs P has risen and returned to bed with coffee. When I go up to shower she will ask about my plans for the day. The danger is I'll be given something to do that I don't want to do even though I have nothing to do. Life is complicated......

........I'm not sure gazing at Gillian Anderson will count.......

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I've got a load of garden waste to take to the tip but they are only taking 'essential waste' - whatever that is.
Same here. My lad is moving house this weekend and is wondering what counts as essential?

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Morning all. Horribly windy and wet here too.
I’ve just read that this weekend is a bank holiday. I’ve so much lost track of the days that this came as a genuine surprise. Not that it makes any difference of course, Monday will be the same as any other Monday in lockdown, and pretty much the same as any other day of the week too.
On the plus side, I’ve also read that The Archers is resuming on Monday. I hope Kirsty wakes up to Philip and Gavin soon.


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I've been chuckling at my facebook page this morning, my memories page has a post from last year where I said "I've had an extra meat ration this morning, I don't know what it was it just flew straight down my throat, I didn't even taste it. Great ride out though." sounds like I need to keep my mouth shut when I'm pedalling. ^_^
The extra protein of a swallowed insect always comes in handy. :laugh:
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