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a permanent vacancy now exists
Wow the roads are very quiet here. Of course the weather is crap so that could be playing a part. Windier than a windy thing here.


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North Wales
Bonjour. Very windy again but sunny. Our tip is due to open again next week but it will be by appointment only for the time being.
Nothing special planned for today, definitively no bike ride, too windy, but I need to paint the seats on the swing and the back as well.
By the way, I noticed yesterday that diesel is now £1.09 and petrol £1.06. May be time to fill up again although I haven't used much of it in the last few weeks, perhaps 10 litres?
Have a good, safe day everyone.


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I didn't have breakfast so I'm having elevenses........two crumpets, gooseberry jam and coffee.

Mrs P did not inquire of my plans for today.........she is still in bed and requesting coffee.......
Elevenses at 10.30 :wacko:.
I am just enjoying a bacon on toast butty. Bacon from the butcher so nice and thick.
Bread is wat I made.


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Not round the bend yet?
Not quite reached the bend. After a windy but rewarding run I've decided to have a rest day from LEJOG.
Mrs Tenkay will arrive at Land's End tomorrow ( she's done LEJOG a couple of times in the real, non turbo World) hence her decision to do it the other direction on the turbo.

I'll tell her she needs to up her game in the cake making stakes, yours looks amazing 😯
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