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In other news.........I have a list of what colour paint we used in which room. Today I matched the tins with the list, labelled said tins and binned the rest of the paint.

Did I have anything else to do..........NO! This is becoming a struggle. Winds are 20mph tomorrow....think I can handle that or I could find a wall to climb up.

I've got a whisky to ease the pain 😂 Zoom quiz at 7.30.......:surrender:

The Rover

@The Rover - I thought you might enjoy this new route I've devised to Ribchester - everyone was pretty fed up with the usual one!!! Obviously a bit far from your place to start at Euxton Mills but if you rode to Riley Green >Walton le Dale >Avenham Park to the Cobbled Bridge you could pick up the route there. Coming home it chucks you out in Hoghton so easy to get home. There are lots of possible variations from Broughton all the way to Ribchester. Enjoy!!
thanks @PaulSB , that loooks a good one, I’ll save it later, I actually did another one of yours a few weeks ago But forgot to mention it, Houghton, Gregson Lane, past the Houghton Arms, Bury Lane, Abbey Village, past Earnshaw res and then up to Pickup Bank before some downhill to home, it was about 40 miles and just under 3000ft of climbing, really enjoyed It.

However....... I had a slight off a couple of weeks ago and broke a collar bone! I’m out of action for a while but at least it was a different shoulder this time having already had four operations on the other side!

and.... the bike came out of it pretty much unmarked. The same can’t be said for my kit which they had to cut of me!

Funny couple of weeks, buggered up my shoulder but my retirement application finally went to the last two big decision makers. It’s nearly new bike time!



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All is well in this household! Hic!
Ah! It was until Mrs Poacher found that I'd sent my sister in law a sneaky photo of Mrs P sunbathing last Wednesday, rather putting the lie to her claim to be working all day. Now where's that tent?
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