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:hello: Good morning people

welsh dragon

a permanent vacancy now exists
I quite enjoy watching golf but there's never much on normal tv now and I ain't paying for Sky.

It's all repeats on Sky as well, so a lot of money each month for squat. That's why I cancelled it a couple of years ago.


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Good morning, the sun is shining and it's 7⁰C. Is it spring? Have I slept through winter?

Just had a run through the forum. Interesting stuff on the biscuit front. Also caught up on everyone on Strava. I knew a lot of people I ride with in the club from time to time are using Zwift but the number posting Turbo rides is astonishing.

Out for a 50/60 miler with one of my female riding buddies. She's low on confidence at the moment so we're taking it in turns to do +1 rides. Think I've got tomorrow as well. Will be good fun as she's great company.

I may spend more time researching bikes later.

That's the extent of today. :hello::hello:


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Now here is a sad story for you, not the 1st part so bare with me. You could not make this up.
●Daughter is a self employed reflexologist and forced to close down due to Covid.
●SiL lost his job and is working 10 hour (unpaid) days to train for a new career.
●grand daughter is 17 and going through medical problems young women shouldn't have to go through.
●new(ish) neighbours. They all immediately did not like each happens.
T'other night the family had a drink and a sing song. At 2300..... they switched music off and chilled.
Midnight...... knock on the door. The COVID MARSHALLS !!!!
Turns out next door had phoned them to complain the family of 3 had "at least" 15 people in for a party.
Obviously nothing wrong so they left.
But what shower of b*stards would stoop so low ??
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