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I declare today to be officially very piddly and stinkypoo.
Back from my Tesco is decidedly cold, wet and very windy......not nice at all.


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i was going to go for a walk to buy some razor blades just to get out of the house.I am that bored.Fed up of reading ,can't be bothered doing any cleaning.It's showers all day today and windy.What a change from Saturday full of beans and energy and i did all that weeding and gardening.

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My cycle ride this morning was postponed due to the weather, when I nipped out in the car to get fuel I took a diversion to Purley Chase lane and had a walk amongst the bluebells.









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Wet, cold and windy. I have renewed my house and contents insurance with the Halifax this year, £25 cheaper than Rias for same cover. ^_^
I am now waiting for the TV man to come as Mrs G wants the tv moved to the other side of the wall to avoid window reflection on the screen. That means having another tv socket put in. Shouldn't be expensive I hope. :rolleyes:
I did a bit of vacuuming and floor sweeping and now making a coffee before sitting down again and decide what to do next. Molly been for a walk and too early for another yet, beside tv man is due soon.
Might give one of my brothers a video call too to keep me updated on what is happening in France. :hello:


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We have 2 seasons....cold and windy or road construction. Chance of precip today but in an hour or so I will be off to the libray and a paper for Mrs 12 who will have a lung tap on Friday and a cat scan on Monday. This afternoon I will do a little outsde work and my neighbor and I shall go to the coffee shop and chew the fat.
Be safe and well...


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I think you have your dates wrong. Real summer doesn't start till June 21st so still time for the weather to readjust. :okay:
I have some good news about the weather - winter 2020/2021 will soon be over and spring 2021 will start.

The bad news is that spring will last 14 days and be followed by a 17 day summer. Winter 2021/2022 will start early this year - in June!

You put me to shame I walked to the chemist and back .9 of a mile :sad:
I did just a bit more than that to get my Metro and a few things from Aldi - roughly 1 km each way or about 1.3 miles total.

I was thinking that I might get the chance to do a ride later but I don't think the rain will stop for long and it is very windy here as well; not a nice combination, especially on a bike without mudguards. My CAADX does have mudguards but I haven't got round to having the fork replaced yet and don't want to risk riding it. (It would probably be safe but knowing that at least 8 people have been seriously injured and 1 killed puts me off taking the chance!)

I need to get to work building my Devon road bike. It is only around 7 weeks until I go down there and the bike is currently a brakeless, singlespeed turbo trainer machine! I have many of the parts that I need but I need to get hold of a rear derailleur for it and probably a new stem and handlebar. Also, bar tape, cables, etc.
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