The Retirement Thread


Good morning folks,
Sunny but still not warm. Our veg box delivery guy mentioned that this time last year it was 25 degrees ☀☀
I ventured into Poole yesterday, noticed that our favourite ground coffee was on offer so picked up a few packs. Got home and tidied up the cupboard, coffee now in “ best before “ date order 👍
Stay safe folks


Started young, and still going.
Good morning all.
The sun is shining, for a while at least. Rain and hail storms forecast for later.

An electrician, who is a good mate of my son is doing some work for us today. The old fuse box, which is quite possibly illegal and definitely not up to any standard is being replaced by a new unit, and he is changing a couple of sockets as well.

A nice morning for a dog walk.

Uncle Ernie has come up with £25:okay:

Busy busy busy.

Another day in paradise :cuppa:
Kent Coast
Good morning, world.

Today has dawned bright and a bit breezy, but nothing like yesterday's gales.

We appear to have consumed a great deal of food, so I shall mostly be shopping for some of "practically everything", as it helpfully says on our shopping list.

Oh, and I might road test the new hair clippers that have been patiently awaiting their debut for a couple of weeks. How exciting!


Ernie has come up with one £25 prize. Winnings have been a bit sparse over the last few months but hope springs eternal...
I was reading about the pace of vaccinations in the USA starting to slow. It was inevitable once the majority of people who were eager to be vaccinated had their jabs, and there's now a drive to encourage those in other groups who have found the registration process too convoluted, or have been reluctant. One of the best strategies I have seen is that of a local microbrewery offering a free drink with each Vaccination.🍺💉
I can see a bit of a problem if that was introduced over here, I'd be wandering back from the Pub with an arm like a dartboard 😁
Hail showers and a brisk wind promised for us here today. Sun is currently shining but high wind chill when I was out.
Just got confirmation from the coal merchant that he will still be doing deliveries thank goodness so had to order more coal. He will stop soon for the summer as his new camp site is fully booked from easter till the end of October.
£50 from Ernie again this month.
May try to get out on the trike later if the hail does not come but my fingers will probably freeze.
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